Top Posts About VA Disability Claims

va disability 5 year rule in banner over clock with years

VA Disability 5 Year Rule

The VA disability 5 year rule safeguards veterans from a decision by the VA to lower their disability rating after five years. After five years,

C and P exam tips

C&P Exam Tips

The  Veterans Administration will often schedule a C&P exam for you when you file a claim for benefits. C&P refers to Compensation and Pension which

va claims folder

What is the VA Claims Folder?

What is the VA Claims Folder? Your claims folder (aka “cfile”) at the VA contains all of the documents related to your claim for compensation

VA Claim File Number

Where Do I Find My VA File Number?

A VA file number is assigned when you file a claim for VA benefits (usually compensation). If you have never filed for any benefits from the VA then you will not have a number.

va ratings increase with increasing stack of dollar bills

Do I Qualify for a VA Ratings Increase?

If you are already receiving compensation for a service-connected disability, and that disability has worsened, you may be eligible for a higher rating. Increasing your

snail on a rocket speeding up claims process

Speeding Up Your VA Benefits Case

The media has been circling the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently, reporting on the backlog of veterans who are waiting to receive much-needed treatment

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