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What benefits does North Carolina have for veterans?

North Carolina takes pride in its strong military tradition, with several military bases located across the state. The Tar Heel State is home to a significant number of veterans, and in recognition of their service and sacrifices, it offers a myriad of benefits designed to support them in various aspects of life. From education and employment to health and housing, North Carolina’s benefits for veterans are vast and valuable.

Educational Benefits for Veterans in NC

North Carolina offers veterans various educational assistance programs. The North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs provides education assistance to children of war veterans, aiding in the cost of tuition and fees. Additionally, in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities are available to certain veterans and their dependents, regardless of their state of residency.

Employment Benefits

The state offers numerous employment advantages for veterans. From preference in state government jobs to specialized job search resources and training, North Carolina is dedicated to ensuring that veterans can secure meaningful employment. The NCWorks Career Center has programs explicitly designed for veterans to assist in their job search and career development.

Housing and Homeownership Benefits

For those looking to purchase a home, North Carolina offers property tax exclusions for veterans. The state also provides a property tax relief program for disabled veterans, which can be a significant financial help. Veterans can also explore loan options specifically tailored for them through the NC Home Advantage Mortgage.

VAMC in NC - Contact Information

NC has one of the largest veteran populations per capita in the US and therefore has 4 major VA Health systems within the state.

Durham VAMC

The Durham VAMC is located across the street from the main Duke University Medical Center at 508 Fulton Street. The main phone number is 919-286-0411 and the extension for mental health is 5418.

In addition to the main facility, the Durham VAMC also runs several local community-based outpatient clinics (sometimes called a “CBOC”). These are VA facilities, not civilian providers who are participating in the community based care payment program. There are multiple CBOCs in Durham as well as locations in Raleigh, Clayton, Greenville NC and Morehead City. 

Fayetteville VAMC

The main VAMC center in Fayetteville NC is located at 2300 Ramsey Street. This facility is where the main hospital and ER are located. The telephone number is 910-488-2120 and the mental health extension is 7909.

A recently built annex located at 7300 South Raeford Road now houses many of the outpatient clinics in Fayetteville. The VAMC in Fayetteville also operates several CBOCs, including locations in Goldsboro, Hamlet, Jacksonville, Sanford, Pembroke and Wilmington.

Salisbury VAMC

The W.B. (Bill) Hefner VAMC in Salisbury is located at 1601 Brenner Avenue. The phone number is 704-638-9000 and the mental health extension is 13450. The Salisbury VA runs CBOCs in Kernersville and two clinics in Charlotte

Asheville VAMC

Located at 1100 Tunnel Road in Ashville, this VA system serves western NC veterans. TheAsheville VAMC phone number is 828-298-7911 and the mental health extension is 2519. The facility has CBOCs located in Franklin, Forest City and Hickory.

License and Fee Waivers for Disabled Veterans

North Carolina offers various license and fee waivers for veterans. For instance, veterans with a 50% rating from the VA can receive discounted lifetime fishing and hunting licenses.

Veteran Cemeteries

The state has four veteran cemeteries located in Black Mountain, Goldsboro, Jacksonville, and Spring Lake. Eligible veterans and their spouses can be buried in the cemeteries. These cemeteries serve as a lasting tribute to the men and women who served in the U.S. armed forces.

Veterans License Plates

Veterans can receive a vehicle license plate that indicates their veteran status as well as a service medal.

Additional Services and Benefits

Aside from tangible benefits, North Carolina offers supportive services for veterans adjusting to civilian life. Organizations like NC Care 360 provide veterans with resources and services, connecting them to a community that understands their unique experiences and challenges.

In conclusion, North Carolina recognizes the immense sacrifices and contributions its veterans have made and offers a plethora of benefits to support and honor them. From ensuring their well-being through health services to helping them achieve their goals in education and employment, North Carolina stands by its veterans every step of the way. For a comprehensive list of benefits and resources, veterans are encouraged to visit the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs website and other linked resources.

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Table of Contents

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